Flint Knapping

LAARC cofounder Neil Bevan has a deep interest in the prehistoric archaeology of Britain. Finding lots of flint artefacts in his local area led him to want to understand more about how our ancestors lived.

Flintknapping gives him a direct link into the minds of the people who lived here over 7000 years ago and a better understanding of how flint was used in every day tasks from piercing holes for stitching, to felling great Oak trees.

The objects he creates take time and patience (not to mention the inevitable loss of blood), but it can be very meditative. Each one is an individual and he hopes these pieces will inspire in an educational and artistic way.

Some of his handmade objects are available to buy on Neil’s Lithics shop as well as handmade pressure flakers and knapping tools he found hard to source when he began knapping.

He runs a monthly flint-knapping group session, and offers private knapping tuition at times to suit you. If you are interested in flint knapping in Leicestershire, contact us, or check the workshops page.